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FP111 framed partitions

Key Features

• Plastic clips for easy glazing and glass dismantle (innovative patented solution)
• Surface mounted brackets alow for quick and efficient assembly process
• Integration with gypsum walls
• Accepts various infill materials such as MDF, GWB, GLASS and others up to 3/8"
• Allows for sunshades installation
• Single and double glazed partitions
• Allows for integration of single and double doors with various glazing options
• Allows for seamless integration of sliding doors
• Good acoustic performance
• Returns and free angle moldings
• Partitions height up to 11'-6" with up to 4' spans


Product Applications

• Easy and efficient fabrication and installation of interior partitions
• Easy fabrication and installation of office doors (solid wood core, all-glass, framed glass doors) 

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